Shunt at the ICA February 23rd

February 25, 2011

Had a fun viewing of some bodywork / puppet creatures that roamed the theatre space at the far end of the venue last night. The characters created, sort of eerie-comic, subterranean beings with pendulous bottoms and thighs, distended necks and inquisitive pokey faces shunttled around the stage under three, twinkling chrysalises, hanging from the lighting rig. They were charming and made noises. The mobile beings – the ones who could move from A to B, seemed intent on disrupting the ambient motion of the long-armed duet that swayed in the centre of the stage. Kind of poignant. The show had a little more style than content – story-telling in puppet shows should still be part of the deal, even when the impact of the images is impressive. Even very eye-catching creatures need a little contextualised tension and reason for being – still….nice work and it was free. Shunt at the ICA. The age of grunge-theatre, social networking induced happening and high-art establishment / low art fusion is with us!


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