(Photography: Claire Farmer: annapurna arts) 

Biographical background

Working from the basis of having had twenty-five years’ experience in the performing arts and also having gained a PGCE in Adult and Community Education (the Institute of Education) and a Level 4 Certificate in ESOL Specialism (London Southbank University), I have worked as a teacher of performing arts, second language English (ESOL) and adult basic literacy over the past decade. In this capacity, I have worked in a broad range of contexts including adult and community education (The City Literary Institute, Morley College), adult literacy in a work-based learning environment (for Camden Social Services and London Metropolitan Police) and ESOL in a working environment (with Turkish speaking nursery teachers and Portuguese speaking carpenters). I have recently completed a programme in collaboration with dancer Etta Ermini and Chisenhale Dance Space combining ESOL and dance training.

Performance, teaching and research – recent work has included:

Two Lives

An educational workshop and performance project crafted in the medium of dance theatre was an evocation of the lives of a woman and a man, arising from the starting point of the static shape, the held image, an image that emerges into life with an eloquent show of the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of living.

The piece was written and devised in collaboration with Anna Cannings (http://www.annacannings.com), a young blind actor-dancer and professional mentor. Together we brought a broad range of expertise to the creative practice as research process, my own involving many years’ experience in the performing arts and teaching and Anna’s including having worked as a voice artist and actress with a number of TV and film credits to her name and also as a qualified mentor for other young people with disabilities.

Feedback from audience and Two Lives workshop participants

  • A most interesting, innovative and expressive work!
  • I came away with the impression that it was a clever and delightful work of dramatic choreography executed with a simplicity (and without sentimentality) which I found very moving and which, even to my untutored eye, belied its complexity.
  • I do have some sight though I am registered blind so my experience is only perhaps a little different to sighted dancers. The work did raise some interesting things for me in a sensory way…[…]… about the heightened sensory awareness of the blind and how those senses would be used in the work in improvised or set pieces. I also wonder if you propose to do some exploratory work with other blind or partially sighted dancers or indeed deaf ones.

Writing and research

As a writer, I have contributed to a variety of contexts. These include writing my own devised work Two Lives and the recent post-graduate performance piece staged at London Metropolitan University (The Art of Conversation), for Raw and Tasty, a comedy sketch performance at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden – directed by Chris Head and also for the Write Queer London prose and poetry competition organised by the Museum of London and the Chroma Journal in spring 2010 for which I won the prize for poetry. I recited the winning poem, The Markham Arms, at the prize-giving event at the Museum of London in February and subsequently at Polari, the monthly literary salon hosted by writer, journalist and DJ Paul Burston.

Performance, writing and research

As a performer, working with five other artists drawn from the fields of acting, dance and circus and also in collaboration with choreographer Jacky Lansley and artistic director Tim Brinkman (Hall for Cornwall, Truro), I took part in researching the theme of the guest…the welcome guest, the unexpected guest, the unwanted guest… in work that investigates such issues as homelessness, power, community and identity. My research contribution included a poetic element in the form of character-informed poetic texts written from the perspective of “ex-soldier, Kevin”.

The Guests R&D project concluded with a scratch performance at the Hall for Cornwall, Truro in September 2010 (http://www.hallforcornwall.co.uk/index.cfm?articleid=49236).

Combined arts and teaching

“Re-flexion – the workshop for adult English speakers of other languages, exploring combined arts (prose-poetry, voice, movement and music) and language learning tasks together with Reflect ESOL tools.”

This innovative pilot workshop programme took place at Praxis in Bethnal Green, an organisation supporting people displaced, in August 2010.

Evaluation was submitted for my PG Cert Performance Innovations course assessment (London Metropolitan University 2010: pass with distinction achieved) at the end of August and it also provided insight into ways of developing new provision with Praxis and other potential service users.

If you would like to discuss ideas or initiatives related to any of the projects detailed above or similar – do leave a message in the comment box.

Thanks for checking in!



4 Responses to “Market Place”

  1. Katherine said

    Hi Tim, I imagine though that one has got to be very confident having no inhibitions and to be able to be a good dancer. Some people are born with this natural talent like a good musician.

    Best wishes.


    • Tim Taylor said

      Hi katherine

      Wishing you a very happy new year!

      My number at Morley is 0207 450 1837 – do give me a call and we can chat about finding a course that you would like!

      All best wishes


  2. ‘Happy New Year to you Tim.’ Hope to catch up with a dance course at ‘Morley’s’ soon. Can you suggest.

  3. Hi Tim, and a “Happy New Year to your also”. Thank you. Will call you soon. Kind Regards. Katherine

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