Agony Art at Chisenhale

June 1, 2013 Fun to go to Chisenhale this evening to see Agony Art’s programme No Man’s Land (an all female set of shows of some quality). The performances by Mariana Camiloti, Genevieve Giron & Anne-Gaelle Thirot, Mary Ann Hushlak and Holly Blakely & Claudia Palazzo had been well chosen.

Evenings these days are ‘curated’, are they not? This wasn’t an exception and was none the worse for it. Props were certainly to the fore: turquoise balloons, hair-dryers, shaving foam and a bottle of wine from a vineyard associated with Machiavelli – and all of the performers, each in her own way, had something intriguing and compelling to focus the attention.

The younger performers had a fair bit of rushing about to do (probably liked Blakely and Palazzo’s dottiness best in this regard) and Hushlak took a little time setting up a tale of a Canadian-childhood-in-back of car scenario before things switched a gear or two and the weight of her piece hit the spot. All brought home the bacon though. Good on Agony Art – good on Chis!


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