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December 31, 2012

Moving to Los Angeles from Didsbury at six might have been a bit of a stretch. At least  having 9 months in Hampstead, opposite the Bull and Bush, and with the kindness of Miss Roberts and Jenny Pells at Christchurch School to help with an orientatation of strangeness, there was a pause between the black and white of Manchester’s Kansas and the Technicolor of LA’s Oz. Their gentle understanding of childhood, together with the imagistic appeal of a Galt Toy / Gonk-inflected Garden Suburb vibrancy, meant that, for all the turbulence of that time, a kind of introduction to what was to unfold was  possible.

And jeepers – trips to Will Wright’s  on Sunset Plaza Drive for ice cream, to downtown’s Olvera Street for the hottest tacos and to Pacific Ocean Park in Santa Monica for some frankly un-safe but fabulous rides quite lit-up the mid-sixties.  And then, there was the view of the city at night from Grand View Drive, flood lights beaming up into blackness, and the sheer explosion of a counter-cultural rainbow  exemplified by the Monterey Pop Festival –outta sight from an eight year old’s perspective – creating a kind of consciousness, part awe and part affirmation, that just so stays with…

But, boy! Elsewhere in those times, things were corn-ball. Get a load of this sweet little slice of sixties family fun (actually, I think the linguistic skills may have developed post that time, but anyway):

Disney’s Tiki Room, referencing island-exotica, even then, had to be the down-time experience you had after the real fun rides (Snow-White, the Matterhorn and Peter Pan…) had all been enjoyed.

But dig those crazy birds!

Even from the parallel, ultra-straight perspective of Walt’s world, things were fantasy-laden.

So, on the eve of 2013, and to return to now… well, there’s chunky professional stuff like checking for…

You bet! I guess, this has always mattered – and it’s a pledge-and-a-half worth making.

In the mix, and at this stage in the game – though, I also think it’s about playing with ideas of quality, of value and of ways of understanding what assurance might mean.

I think the active-archive may help!


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