On-going work with Jacky Lansley

December 11, 2012

This weekend saw part two of Jacky Lansley’s excellent STIPT programme. This is a course for dance artists and others working across art-forms to come together under the expert guidance of choreographer and teacher Lansley in order to explore the literal and metaphorical possibilities of the speaking dancer.

As Lanlsey points out, the dancer can speak with the body, finding ways of harnessing expressive modes of connecting imagination to action; an emotional embodiment of feelings and sensations within and through movement. The dancer can also explore ways of finding a voice in literal terms, making connections between the action of the body in motion and the sounding of sighs, phonemes, words and chains of linguistic meaning. By taking the word or the deed as starting point – we move into the ‘first draft’ and beyond – supported by the ‘benign eyes’ of fellow participants in investigation who provide the vital role of observing listener.

I was very pleased to have been invited to join in with the Sunday session and to meet a very thoughtful and engaged group of participants who, as did I, responded with enthusiasm and creative curiosity to the day’s exploration.

Lansley suggested that I might like to work with particular aspects of on-going artistic enquiry. Thus, I was prompted to work with an area of investigation instigated by a first step taken the very previous day with two other artists: Dr Julian Waite – a theatre and visual art practitioner and Dr Ken Barrett – a senior medical clinician and conceptual artist. Waite, Barrett and I had undertaken the first step of a process that promises to be a most fascinating encounter with a spectrum of ideas and artistic possibilities; our subject being dementia, considered from a range of standpoints from the prosaic to the profound.

For more information – see: http://www.jackylansley.co.uk/pages/studio_sdipt.htm

Project: Waite, Barrett and Taylor will continue in early 2013

Elsewhere, Lansley and Taylor – i.e. Jacky and myself – have also started a new process. Now, this is a creature of a different hue again… promising to be part vaudevillian act (replete with faux leopard-skin hats and possibly a cupboard with a secret door…), part indictment of the exclusivity of tenured arts practice that becomes the template for what serves as the expected norm (though it might also be said that an ally is no mean thing to have …) and part impassioned cry of pleasure and pain – the pain of knowing and seeking a way to be heard. Indeed, finding it is perhaps a delicious pleasure to come! Work here also continues beyond Xmas 2012

Hat fun


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