Happy December

December 3, 2011

 Mabel Lucie Attwell – a lovely encounter!

Just a quick round-up of activities… firstly to do with my PaR MA in Contemporary Arts…

Re: dance film -“Islington – what’s your dance?”, filming has started and it’s clear that Islington has lots to say about its dance (screenings in London and Cheshire in June).

“Inside Us” a contemporary dance duet with collaborator Tricia Durdey is in full-swing and looks like it’ll have legs (due for an audience in May).

Now, on to other matters…

Guests Suite – the dance project, working with the Bach Cello Suites in which I’ll be performing, choreographed by Jacky Lansley and with new composition by Dr Jonathan Eato will be premiered at the Clore Studio at the Royal Opera House in February with further performances at York Minster and the Barbican, Plymouth in March.

The Conway Collective (with Dr Luke Dixon, Dr Jane Turner, Sean Bruno and Lexi Bradburn) have commenced Wednesday workshops at the Conway Hall in Red Lion Sq, Holborn with a committed and talented group of students and artists and we plan a number of events for the New Year.

I’ll be performing with the MMU New Melodians Choir at the Crewe Green Campus on Dec 15th

It’s also been very interesting to think about the opportunities there’ll be to develop the range and character of the Dance Dept’s provision at Morley College together with an excellent group of dance and education professionals currently working at the college.

Other than these interests – I’m thinking about a recent reading – the Emancipated Spectator (Jacques Ranciere) and ideas to do with ‘the capacity of the anonyms, the capacity which makes anybody equal to everybody…[that]…works through unpredictable and irreducible distances ….[and]…an unpredicatble and irreducible play of associations and dissociations.’

I’m excited by the idea of distance – it seems classy to me!


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