Post study time…

September 9, 2010

Now, the fun really starts…well that’s what people say isn’t it? After the end of something, like the end of a course, a working day, a preparation for something.

Except, the fun was also the thing! And afterwards – a 4 mph meander down the Shropshire Union and Llangollen Canals for a few days in Julian’s narrow boat Celtic Lady was a superb way to relax-out.

So, now it’s time for a new term of adult ed at Morley and City Lit- nice – ready for that! Am starting a new course at Morley: Acting Skills– an introductory drama class on Tuesdays for participants with learning difficulties. Also, there are new plans with Praxis in Bethnal Green for an extended ESOL and creativity course, Re-flexion ESOL. We’re applying for funding – this is a very good outcome from the PG Cert experience. Guests R@D is upcoming at the Hall for Cornwall with its auditorium stripped bare for action in anticipation of our promenade guesting on the 25th of Sept.

Other than this, I’m getting back to some poetical writing and am looking forward to some duet development with my lovely dance artist chums this autumn.

Ah, the  life!


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